Restaurant & Cafe

Eat soft-serve Ice Creams. Gulp down slush or other beverages and get frosty!

Our Pizzas are made in the traditional Italian way: thin & crispy, with simple fresh toppings. Eat our exquisite Pizzas at Chizza Pizza and polish off your hunger.

Munch, Munch, Munch! It’s a munching time. Let’s have a light bite to fuel up your next race.

This comfortable nest serves up some of the best snacks in the park. Gorge on mini meals that will leave you content.

Treat yourself to a snack or a meal that will leave you filled or craving for more. Feast to feed your belly beast and tempt your taste buds here. Bon appetite!

A majestic feast that is mouth-wateringly, scrumptiously, deliciously, yummy that will  make your insides happy. A fiesta to chow down on more and more.